A Fisher’s Tale: A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

Legends are public dreams, dreams are private fantasies.

– Joseph Campbell, American Mythologist, Writer, and Lecturer, The Power of Myth (Doubleday, 1988)

We experience “first awareness” while standing abdomen somewhere down in the waters of a huge inlet that opens past rough bluffs into an extraordinary ocean. Given our restricted attention to the catastrophe that carried us to our current state, we can do minimal more than notice our most quick environmental factors – the ocean beneath and the air above- – and experience the cross-development of the integral influxes of the ocean and air as they meet on the outside of the water.

Perceiving our developing yearning, we search in nearness for something to eat. Randomly, we assemble green vegetation that has ascended to the surface while we feel some oceanic animal brush against our legs. Instinctively, we reach down and recover the animal, which ends up being a fish, with our hands. Holding up our fish and ocean growth to an impassive sun, we yell peacefully. Food! It starts to rain and we tip back our heads to fill our mouths with new water.

With our mindfulness expanding, we feel the desire of getting back to a crude condition of monetary endurance. As we examine the skyline, we perceive remainders of our pre-disastrous progressed economy, one that is absolutely useless at this point. For the occasion, we are left to make due by the most simple methods for getting fish. Looking upward, we notice different survivors sloshing about in the water with shifting levels of accomplishment in their endeavors to recover a dinner. We see that a portion of these individuals are sticking sharp sticks into the water to skewer the fish. This technique appears to work better compared to the utilization of simple hands. Have we arisen as a clan of stick-pokers, getting by on crude fish, kelp, and water?

A sharp familiarity with our current circumstance assists with getting our divided recollections free from the repulsiveness that made us be here in any case. Accordingly, we quietly lose faith in regards to the inborn delicacy of our previous economy and social association. All the while, our countenances mirror our dread of rebooting the old framework, despite the fact that our new crude state drives us to oppose change and its simultaneous difficulties. Sunsets as the last slip of daylight disappears. We find that a portion of our sort figured out how to assemble a fire on the sands of the sea shore. We choose to join these survivors, offering the remaining parts of our fish and kelp to them. Uniting what we have accumulated and gotten, we share these merchandise with the individuals who have given evening warmth and light to all.

Encompassing the fire, we find that we have met up from bunches that communicate in various dialects. This perception brings up issues about our separate pasts that nobody can reply as of now. For the time being, our anxiety requests that we figure out how to speak with each other in a simple yet successful way that fuses sounds and motions. Proceeding with our endeavor to “talk,” we find that humor has gotten back to mitigate us.

A portion of the fire-starters convey that their gathering has scavenged inland from the shore with an end goal to accumulate dry wood to consume and edibles to support life. Continuously, others of us motion the expectation of leaving on a “walkabout” at sunrise. Through eye to eye connection, we comprehend that this excursion will permit us to see the value in the momentum circumstance and to get familiar with the lay of the ocean and the earth around us.

The Walkabout

As the sun ascends over the trees past the shore, we accumulate both the extra fish that we cooked in the fire the prior night and different edibles. A gathering of us head inland through the forestland. Subsequent to going for a half-day, we arise into a characteristic corridor framed by overhanging oak-tree limbs. Here, we experience another gathering of people. Nonetheless, their chief methodologies us with a checked level of watchfulness. Steadily, we build up a feeling of know, as, and trust with the pioneer and the remainder of the gathering through imparting food to each other. We offer the abundance that we have brought from the inlet and they offer an assortment of nuts, organic products, and roots that they have discovered to be protected to eat.

A bunch of the individuals who depict themselves as “watchers” movements for a little band of us to follow them to the inward edge of the timberland. We go to a huge plain of open land. As we remain close by the watchers, we spot different people moving about quickly on the plain. In an intricate nonverbal way, our backwoods have cautions us to stay away from those on the open landscape. Notwithstanding, a portion of our gathering previously had detected a dread and a doubt of those past the woods. We get back with the watchers to the timberland lobby as we convey our developed mindfulness and comprehension of the circumstance.

In the wake of get-together the individuals from our voyaging bunch, a portion of the watchers lead us securely through the woodland and afterward disappear. We have gone to a land where others have taken to work the center of the earth in an effective exertion to get minerals to design products. Those of the center have assembled thick, normally pointed, streamlined stones that they fasten to the closures of straight sticks. Utilizing this item, they show their deftness in the chasing of fowl in the sky above. This particular item reverberates with our gathering.

Given the inadequacy of vegetation around here, these diggers depend upon the birds of the air as the focal piece of their eating routine. We present them with a portion of the nuts and berries that we acquired from the woods society. The diggers show both commonality and joy with these presents. Notwithstanding, when we deliver our food from the ocean, they react with extraordinary wonderment and favor. With little trouble in correspondence, we figure out how to exchange a portion of our fish for forcefully pointed stones.

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